About Us – Fake News Fighters

Fake news is unwanted and dangerous. It causes confusion, and even new governments. It thrives in an environment where the need to be the first to ‘break’ new information surpasses the need to invest time in gauging its authenticity.

This website is a response to Fake news and all that supports and encourages its existence. Since social media is such a critical factor in spreading fake news, Technology companies across the globe now have a responsibility to tackle this problem. Many have taken the algorithm path of developing fake news filters and plugins.

We are technical mavens who have taken a decidedly non-technical approach. We present the stories on this website and crowd source people’s perceptions of how believable these stories are; highlighting the varying degrees of gullibility and awareness, all in real time.  Then, by providing this feedback, it is our hope that the public at large will get sensitized to the markers of fake news.