Frequently Asked Questions – Fake News Fighters

How do you select your stories?
We look for stories that get people hot under the collar and discussing actively on social media. Chances are good that at least some of such stories are planted to spark outrage from one constituency or the other. We avoid stories that are have an obvious satirical bent.

Are all the stories fake on your site?
Not at all. In fact by mixing up the real with the questionable, we are hoping people will soon learn to distinguish the bad from solid reporting.

Does decide which stories are fake or real?
No we do not. We are not investigative journations so we cannot do so. We simply collect people’s perceptions of what is believable by asking them to vote on each story.

Why are you doing this?
We want people to be skeptical of stories that spread rapidly on the internet and social media.
We want people to realize that we live in bubbles and are ready to believe the worst of the other side.
We want people to be sensitive to the markers of fake news
We want to help stop fake news from doing widespread damage

How can internet polling help stop fake news?
Fake news exists because of some people’s readiness to believe the unbelievable. We present our stories with source and context and ask our readers to discuss and vote on whether its believable. By looking at the crowd’s consolidated response, we hope to sensitize readers on their gullibility.

Aren’t your polling results suspect? After all how scientific is a self reported internet poll?
That’s correct. These polls are not scientific; however the speed of virally spread stories needs equally fast tools to stop them. Our site is such a tool to help readers assess the creditability of such stories and shut down the fakes before they cause greater damage.

Do you have an axe to grind politically?
Nope – we are equal opportunity fake news fighters from across the globe.

Why not just wait for investigative journalists to check the news?
Unfortunately there’s not enough of them to go around. Having said that, here’s a shout out to them for the noble work they do.

Do you collect individual voter info?
Absolutely not. We are only interested in the consolidated crowd behavior. All voting is anonymous. Please see our privacy policy for more.